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The “Word”

on December 23, 2011

Warning: This entry is rated PG

Ten-year-old daughter:

“Okay, mom, so I’m not going to say the word because we are in public but you know when you’re “word-ing it,” ┬ácan you have a baby every time…like very month…because that’s a lot of babies!”

“No, honey, once you’re pregnant you can’t get pregnant again and also there are ways to prevent pregnancy but that is a personal choice and something you need to discuss with your future husband. And if you don’t,then you should be prepared to have a a lot of babies… :)”

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to be doing that word all the time. I’m only “word-ing it” every once in awhile and at night anyway. Mom, do you and dad still “word” it?”

“Of course because that is between a husband and wife. And the details are private so that’s all you need to know…for now.”

“When can we talk about that more? When I’m 20?”

“Maybe sooner but we’ll know when more details are necessary. You will hear a lot of things from friends though and if you have questions or don’t understand something you can always feel free to ask me, ok? I will do my best to explain. But, I think most of the time, it’s okay to let comments slide by especially if your friends are joking and seem to be misinformed. A lot of kids get their information from movies, books, tv, or other kids and the information is not always accurate or complete. And the specifics they should really be talking to adults about, not kids, so if a friend tries to talk to you about it, it’s okay for you to say something like, “Maybe you should your mom or dad or another adult.”

Boy, my other girls never had this much interest or that many questions and I am constantly on my toes with this little one! I’m glad she is asking and comfortable asking her mom! And I’m grateful that most of the time I can come up with something despite the fact that I am blushing and my heart is racing a bit in fears that I won’t have the ‘right’ answers. I know that she will remember everything I say in these moments and will form lifelong opinions about intimacy based on what she learns in these next crucial years. I’d better start anticipating some questions and answers and be better prepared! Do other ten-year-olds have as many questions?


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