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Back to School

on August 21, 2011

Although this warm, humid weather is no indication of the impending Fall and beginning of school, we know by the Back-to-School supplies advertised everywhere that it is indeed time to think about getting back into the school routine. Time to gear up for new shoe sizes, freshly sharpened pencils, and selecting that first day of school outfit.

So, whether your child is headed for the beginning of kindergarten or her first day of junior high school, here are some tips to help make that first day as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


  1. When you shop for school supplies, clothing, or shoes and find that perfect deal, consider purchasing an extra set to have on hand. This can go a long way in sparing yourself an extra trip to the store later on in the year.
  1. Get your children involved by taking them shopping with you, packing up backpacks, laying out clothes and accessories, and setting their own alarm clocks to get up bright and early the morning after Labor Day. The more they can get involved the more they will feel confident about the beginning of a new year.
  1. Spend some time talking to your children about how they are feeling about a new year beginning. Discuss goals, anticipations, and especially fears so you can help equip them with tools. For example, to help cope with teasing on the playground, teach your children to respond with “Hmm…interesting…” Hard for a bully to know how to respond to that!
  1. Go to your local library or bookstore and get some books on the first day of  school. Talking about how your child can relate to a main character in a book can be a great way to get in touch with his/her own feelings and worries.
  1. Talk about the experience in a positive manner. Validate your child’s worries and fears but also bring to attention all the great things ahead. Share how you felt as a child anticipating each year of school and the positive experiences and life lessons associated with that.
  1. At the end of the first day, spend time sharing about each person’s days over a warm time around the table. Share “highs” and “lows” of the day and talk about what each person is looking forward to on the second day of school!

Here’s to a wonderful new school year! Like they always say, it goes too fast so take the time to savor each moment.


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